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16 August 2006 @ 10:21 am
book list  
most of these focus on lesbians, but not all of them.

- luna, julie anne peters
- dare truth or promise, paula boock
- keeping you a secret, julie anne peters
- kissing kate, lauren myracle
- annie on my mind, nancy garden
- the year they burned the books, nancy garden
- good moon rising, nancy garden (which i actually haven't read yet, but i've been meaning to)
- geography club, brent hartinger
- far from xanadu, julie anne peters
- empress of the world, sara ryan
- boy meets boy, david levithan
- am i blue?: coming out from the silence, marion dane bauer
- girl walking backwards, bett williams (i actually didn't really like this one, but i'm including it anyway)
- tipping the velvet, sarah waters (haven't read this one but i've heard good things)
- middlesex, jeffrey eugenides
- deliver us from evie, m.e. kerr

this list is definitely not complete but is all the ones i can think of at the moment

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